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The 5 Fastest Ways to Grow Your Online Business

Your online business is up and running—finally!—and now that you’ve set the wheels in motion, you can take a step back and shift your focus to a broader look at your operations and revenue. You now have your social platforms in place, a website that shows off your products, a steady stream of content for your blogs and email campaigns, and a shipping model that can handle your current customer volume.

So what now?

You’re no longer in the development stages, and your business is up on its feet…So at this point, it’s time to turn your attention to growth. Here are five tasks to put on your online store owner to-do list.

You have your digital (and real world) infrastructure in place, but you’ll need to do more than just roll out a welcome mat and wait for customers to walk through your virtual door. You’ll need to actively generate new leads and maintain the interest of your target audience and repeat buyers. Consider enlisting the help of a professional digital marketing firm. Think you can’t afford it? Think again. Most digital marketing agencies cater to-- and even specialize in—helping small startups like yours.

Take off the twenty hats you wear as a sole owner or solitary founder. Now that you’re generating revenue, it’s time to consider hiring a team. Choose the right people and let them handle the tasks they’re trained to do, so you can stay focused on broader business goals.

3. Rethink your Product

How can you make your product stronger, better, more reliable, more appealing? How can you streamline the service you provide to make it more effective and efficient? Don’t settle; recognize that your competition keeps a constant eye on the market share they can potentially draw away from you. If you know exactly why your customers choose you over them, you’ll stay in control.

4. Enjoy Yourself!

Maintain a steady pace and always remember why you love what you do and why you decided to launch a digital company in the first place. Your passion for this work is real, and so is the threat of burnout if you lose sight of that passion. Keep fun and engagement at the forefront of your thoughts, and your employees and customers will feel this energy and bring it back to you.

Even if your garage and your two hands are more than enough right now, recognize that packaging and shipping tasks can quickly move from manageable to overwhelming. By quickly, we mean quickly. As in, overnight. Don’t let one giant order knock you off your feet and set you back. Stay on top of your packaging and shipping requirements by outsourcing them to a team of pros.

At Packaging Materials and Supply, we have the scale and flexibility to handle any order, no matter how big or small. And as you grow, our services grow with you. Contact our office to learn more!

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